Beefeater Dry Gin brings you some of the world’s most dynamic trends and the bold Londoners who shape and inspire this vibrant city.

In fact, it’s heritage, quality and London provenance and all the things that make Beefeater Gin one of the world’s most awarded gins.

In 1820, The Chelsea distillery, located on Cale Street, opens under the control of the Taylor family. This would go on to become the first home of Beefeater Gin.

Furthermore, in 1835, James Burrough, founder of Beefeater Gin is born in Devon. Moreover, he fashions a career as a pharmacist, which leads him to Toronto, Canada.

Moreover, in 1863, Burrough, returns to London and purchases the Chelsea distillery for £400. Then, he produces liqueurs, fruit gins and punches. He counts the prestigious Fortnum & Mason amongst his customers.

Master Distiller of Beefeater is still actively involved in the selection of its botanicals. In fact, it is one of the few global gin producers to do so. Each year Desmond Payne, the world’s most experienced gin Master Distiller, personally tests over 200 juniper samples. This is to ensure Beefeater’s bold flavour and character remains present.

Our botanicals are still hand weighed by our small but passionate team of three stillmen, then added to the still – this is the level of care needed for a real London Dry Gin.


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