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Belvedere Vodka Malaysia

The world’s first luxury vodka and flavored vodka collection. Moreover, it is distilled exclusively from the finest rye and quadruple distilled. In addition, this vodka is original luxury vodka from Poland.

In face, this vokd is made with only rye and water. Moreover, Belvedere Vodka uses premium Dankowskie Rye from the Mazovian plains of Poland and artesian water from its own wells. In addition, Dankowskie Rye is a resilient grain that withstands harsh Polish winters to build Belvedere Vodka’s distinctive flavour and character.


Belvedere Vodka is the product of 600 years of Polish vodka-making expertise. It is crafted in Polmos Zyrardów, a 106 year old distillery located in the heart of central Poland.
Moreover, they obey the most rigorously regulated vodka laws. As a result, there can be no shortcuts in making Polish Vodka. Every step of production must occur on Polish soil with locally-sourced raw ingredients and have zero additives in accordance with “Polska Vodka” requirements.

Belvedere, which means “beautiful to see” is named after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, which adorns every bottle as a reminder of the brand’s heritage.


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