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Bersano Wine Malaysia

In fact, the Bersano winery story starts at the beginning of the past century in Nizza Monferrato. It is located at the heart of the Barbera d’Asti district. Arturo Bersano took over the family run business in 1935. As a result, the Territory and Vineyards, soul of the grape, immediately became the winery’s main features.

A visionary man whose motto “if you want to drink well, get yourself a vineyard” inspires our philosophy and work. In addition, Massimelli and Soave families are the winery’s owners since 30 years. They enlarged the asset of Bersano vineyards and estates. Furthermore, they made the winery one of the most important wine reality in the country.

Arturo Bersano tied his name to the three leading Piedmontese varieties, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Brachetto. He becomes a true pioneer either in the vineyards or in the cellar.


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