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Courvoisier Cognac Malaysia

From humble beginnings.1809

France’s first Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, took the Imperial throne. In fact, Emmanuel Courvoisier is the founder of Courvoisier Cognac. However, our founder, and Louis Gallois, the mayor of Bercy, decided to open a wine and spirit company. Furthermore, they decided to open it on the outskirts of Paris, just north of the river Seine. Moreover, Bercy was the perfect location for their business. It was close to the river for easy transport, already had a thriving wine trade and sat just outside the thick Paris city walls, so they didn’t have to pay taxes.

The cognac

Courvoisier remains the only Cognac house to control the entire process from grape to glass. Nurturing close relationships with over 800 vine growers ensures the grapes used are the finest in the Cognac region.


Crafted from 200-year-old oak trees individually selected by the Master Blender, our barrels are handmade to exact specifications by a team of skilled coopers, ensuring that they are worthy of these exquisite grapes.


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