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Martell Malaysia

Martell The oldest of the great cognac houses, forged by passion and knowledge passed through the Martell family since 1715. We create enjoyable and cherish cognacs for three centuries.

The cognac

In addition, place, precision and time. The three great axes of our craftsmanship; an expertise and emotion passed from hand to hand since 1715. It is Borderies that give the finest cognacs their hallmark elegance and subtlety. When Jean Martell founded the house, he already had his eye on the Borderies, the smallest and most sought-after of the crus of Cognac. The Ugni Blanc grapes that grow in the silica-clay soils of the Borderies give the eaux-de-vie distinctive floral aromas and an exceptional smoothness. It is this unique terroir that give the finest Martell cognacs their hallmark elegance and subtlety. Martell is the only great cognac house to exclusively distil clear wines – a unique method that gives the final cognac a distinctive style.