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Martini Vermouth


In fact, MARTINI® captures the spark that set two men on a lifelong quest to make their stamp on Italian culture. Moreover, Alessandro Martini – a spirited entrepreneur with a global vision – and Luigi Rossi – a creative muse whose botanical fragrances would lure noses along Turin’s via Dora Grossa… In addition, the year was 1863 when their newfound partnership was manifested in their first vermouth: The MARTINI® Rosso. This original blend remains the same to this day.


In addition, these are the words immortalised on the gates of Casa Martini. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, echoes the shared vision of Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi to represent the greatest in Italian quality and style.


However, since 1864, the fields of Pessione in northern Italy are where our heart calls home. Moreoverr, the Turin-Genoa railway line passes right beside us, which was key to our ambition of expansion. In fact, generations of families have built Martini to what it is today. Moreover, local faces are rich with pride and the air is sickly sweet with the aroma of our vermouth.


In fact, our artisans of today are 8th generation MARTINI® masters. Moreover, each following in the footsteps of their predecessors. In addition, all dedicated craftsmen and custodians of MARTINI®’s quality and integrity. More importantly, the only three people worldwide to know Mr. Rossi’s original recipe.


In fact, MARTINI®’s original recipe remains guarded under lock and key. Our masters know it only by scent and taste. Over 500 botanical samples pass under Ivano’s nose each year, and only the combined experience of himself and Beppe can maintain Luigi Rossi’s legacy.


Vermouth cannot be one without the other. Together, they barrage the senses with taste, aroma, texture and colour. Our vermouths blend Trebbiano wine from Emilia Romagna, and Catarratto wine from Sicily, to which we apply our botanical mastery. Aromatic herbs, fragrant fruit, exotic woods and captivating spices combine in different amounts and formations to produce ‘dry-blends’. The interaction between these herbs in the extraction process creates a unique flavour for each MARTINI® expression.


The hills around Asti in Piemont is the place where sparkling wines made their first appearance in 1850. And this is where our winery is located – in Santo Stefano Belbo. The market there attracts 300 growers, many of whom have worked with us for generations. They help in the collection of the “gold hills” white Muscat.