Oveja Negra Wine Malaysia

Dare to be yourself

We harvest our fruit from our vineyards in the Maule Valley with hand. Furthermore, we use modern sustainable viticulture practices. Moreover, we work along with a upcoming Enology team that combines innovative fruity style with structure. As a result, it makes Oveja Negra a unique wine to be enjoyed immediately where quality is emphasized over price.


VIA Wines’ emblematic San Rafael Estate is located in the geographical area of San Rafael in the Maule Valley. It closes to the Andes Mountains and the Descabezado Volcano.


Maule Valley has the greatest geographic diversity among all the Chilean wine regions. Moreover, its four distinct relief units. Such as the Andes Mountains, the Intermediate Depression, the Coastal Mountains, and the Coastal Planes. It provides a zonal diversification of soil and climate types from north to south and east to west.

The climate is Mediterranean throughout the valley, with variations from the coast to the Andes.


The Nilahue Vineyard in the Lolol zone of the Colchagua Costa Valley has 206 hectares of vines planted predominantly to red varieties, especially Cabernet Sauvignon.

Its deep and stratified loam soils are of alluvial origin. Furthermore, the valley’s Mediterranean climate varies from the coast to the Andes. The temperatures are essentially even and precipitation is scant due to the proximity to the sea.

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