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  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Luminous amber. Aroma: Notes of grilled almonds are evoked by the toasted Limousin oak barrels, giving forth to warm spicy notes of cinnamon. Palate: Dry fruits intermingle with oaky notes, creating a well-balanced expression of complexity and depth. Finish: Long and intense.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Golden with amber hues. Aroma: Fine and harmonious with notes of flowers (violet and iris), grapes, vanilla and subtle hints of oak wood. Palate: Floral notes, hints of vanilla, raisin and licorice. Finish: Well balanced, long and fine.

  • TASTING NOTES: Color: Golden with slight amber hues. Aroma: Powerful and harmonious. Notes of vine flower, squeezed grape and candied apple, pear and vanilla beautifully merge with melted notes of oak wood. Palate: Notes of flowers as well as vanilla, raisin, pear and apple. Finish: Well balanced, long and smooth.

  • TASTING NOTES: Color: Dark amber with mahogany hues. Arome: Elegant and complex. Notes of candied fruits (orange peel and prune), hot pastry, licorice and rancio subsequently merging with spices, vanilla, melted notes of oak and coconut. Palate: Well balanced, long and round. Notes of candied fruits right away (prune and pear), spices as well as vanilla, almonds and…

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Amber gold. Aroma: Grilled walnut, warm pastry and orange. Palate: Spicy, soft, sweet, fruity and floral. Finish: Strong and balanced.

  • TASTING NOTES: Color: Rich Gold Aroma: Tangerines with chocolate and fresh baked cinnamon buns. Palate: Smooth and full bodied. Finish: Delicate finish designed to produce a memorable tasting experience.


    COURVOISIER 12 years old

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      TASTING NOTES: Colour: Golden amber. Aroma: Violets, orange blossoms, vanilla, spicy tasting of clove, ginger and star anise. Palate: Almonds, raisins and orange marmalade. Finish: Long and harmony.