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  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Opaque creamy taupe. Aroma: Maple sugar, ground roasted nuts, coffee, hazelnut and chocolate. Palate: White chocolate, vanilla, espresso, cocoa, toasted nut and almond. Finish: Medium bodied, soft, smooth, clean, balanced and sweet.



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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Clear. Aroma: Fresh, floral, slightly aromatic Palate: Spices, floral scents and mild tingling. Finish: Lingering with floral and citrus notes and the smoothness of cucumber.  

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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Clear water. Aroma: Floral, citrus, juniper and cucumber. Palate: Floral, sweet and cucumber. Finish: Smooth and fresh.


    ABSOLUT Vodka

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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Crystal clear. Aroma: Doughy bread, spice, black pepper. Palate: Peppery, faint bread, soda vanilla and liquorice. Finish: Peppery and liquorice.

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    A skilfully blended aromatic preparation of gentian in combination with a variety of vegetable colouring matter. Made with the same ingredients since 1824. Ingredients: Water, alcohol, spices, natural aromas, sugar, Colorant: Caramel E 150a.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Quicksilver. Aroma: Menthol, apple mint, spring woolands, juniper, coriander with aniseed undertones, lemon, orange peel, honey, coconut and wild mint. Palate: Rich, mellow, warm and citrus freshness. Finish: Spicy and long.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Deep brown. Aroma: Coffee bean and chestnut. Palate: Black coffee, coffee bean, roasted chestnut and sweet butter. Finish: Coffee, buttery and long.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Ruby red. Aroma: Light floral and herbal. Palate: Bitter, fruits and herbs. Finish: Long and persist.

  • Vaccari Sambuca

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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Colourless. Aroma: Liquorice root, allspice,  fennel and herbal. Palate: A complex, bittersweet palate with huge notes of liquorice, aniseed and pepper. Finish: Peppery, spicy and lingering.


    TANQUERAY No.10 Gin

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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Clear. Aroma: Lime zest, citrus, lemon, juniper and spice. Palate: Citrus notes, zingy, lemon and lime zest and piney juniper. Finish: Clean, long and sweet.


    PERNOD Paris

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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Deep yellow. Aroma: Fennel seeds and soft black licorice. Palate: Fennel seeds, herbs and light licorice. Finish: Herbs and licorice.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Clear. Aroma: Raspberry, fruity and seed-like. Palate: Fruity, mildly sweet, ripe and pleasant. Finish: Ripe raspberry and long.

  • BOLS

    BOLS Peppermint – Green

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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Deep green. Aroma: Well-defined bouquet with a definite mint finish. Palate: Unmistakably mint with a long-lasting after taste. Very refreshing. Servings: Straight, on the rocks, excellent in cocktails and mixed drinks.

  • BOLS

    BOLS Blue Curacao

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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Deep blue. Aroma: Fresh mandarine-like scent. A distinct Kinnow fruit, mandarin-like aroma. Palate: Orange flavour from fruit and peel with a unique finish. Servings: Straight, on the rocks, excellent in cocktails and mixed drinks.