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  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Bright topaz with gold and amber tints. Aroma: Complex nose of orange flowers combined with scents of candied zests and toffee. Palate: Bitter orange flavours are enhanced by the cognac with nuances of orange marmalade and hazelnuts. Finish: Long and harmonious.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Garnet-red. Aroma: Intense and dense. Fruit concentration is exceptional with a sensation of stewed fruit. It is fruit in its purest form. Palate: Full, round and generous with a suave, velvety and silky feeling. The fruit is of a great maturity but without excess. Finish: Pure and long.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Golden. Aroma: Pure, open and lavish. No surprise as to the excellent origin of the fruit. The nose is very elegant, that of fresh fruit. Palate: Round, oily with a rich texture and in retroolfaction the purity of the fruit. Finish: Pure and long.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Crystal clear. Aroma: Open and intense. The purity of the fruit remains with hints of softness. Palate: Mellow with hints of faded roses at the end. Finish: Fruity and long.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Old-gold robe with hints of copper. Aroma: Fresh and pure. Great aromatic fruity intensity underlined by hints of bitter orange peel. Palate: Generous, fruity and fresh. Remarkable feeling of biting into an orange. The balance between sugarness and freshness is perfect. Finish: Fine bitterness and long.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Crystal-clear. Aroma: Open with exotic notes. Hints of coconut milk. Palate: Pure and fresh with a good feeling of softness together with fresh and vanilla hints of milk. A certain finesse and much elegance. Finish: Pure and long.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Crystal clear. Aroma: Fresh and airy with a certain elegance and a certain finesse. The nose remains discreet with an important perception of orange peel. Palate: Round and oily. Good overall harmony between surgarness, orange peel and power. Finish: Clean and long.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Ocean-blue robe. Aroma: Fresh with flowery notes as well as a certain softness. Palate: Sirupy with a round and oily texture laced with minty hints. Spicy and rose flower notes. Retro-olfaction brings flavours of orange rind. Finish: Fresh and minty.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Strong topaz yellow robe. Aroma: Quite persistent bitter almond hints but the nose remains fresh. Hints of orange flower and lime. Palate: Suave and the texture is slightly sugary with bitter almond retro-olfaction. Finish: Clean and smooth.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Copper cherry-red robe. Aroma: Notes of cherry stones macerated in eau-de-vie. Open, pleasant and ample nose. Palate: The first wave is fruity on a macerated stone. Plenty of finesse in mouth without any sugary feeling. Texture with a lot of sap. The fruit dominates the richness. Finish: Clean and smooth.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Deep yellow. Aroma: Fresh and licorice. Palate: Subtle floral, fruit and spice. Finish: Herbs and licorice.


    PERNOD Paris

    RM 145

    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Deep yellow. Aroma: Fennel seeds and soft black licorice. Palate: Fennel seeds, herbs and light licorice. Finish: Herbs and licorice.

  • DOM

    DOM Benedictine

    RM 190

    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Coppery amber. Aroma: Sage, cedar wood, fresh citrus peel, cardamom, nutmeg and mace. Palate: Cardamin, cloves, silky, honey, spice and citrus zestiness. Finish: Vanilla, mocha, fudge, zesty, saffron and gingerbread.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Clear. Aroma: Floral and subtle citrus note. Palate: Soft, sweet, rounded texture and almond. Finish: Fresh and long.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Clear. Aroma: Subtle orange and spice. Palate: Well balanced. dry, bitter orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove. Finish: Perfectly balanced between bitter orange and sweetness.