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  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Bright deep gold. Aroma: Subtle grain, sour dough bread , vanilla and orchard fruit (nashi pear). Palate: Light, creamy, mildly fruity, dried grass and gently spicy. Finish: Juicy, perfect balanced, fresh dry with orchard fruit and hay-like flavours lingering.  

  • TASTING NOTES : Colour: Crystal clear. Aroma: Fragrant lychee and citrus flowers. Palate: Refreshing, bright lychee palate and floral stone fruit, with whipped cream flavours. Finish: Long, lingering sweet lychee stone and sugar fade.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Vibrant green. Aroma: Melon, green apple skin and candied. Palate: Melon, dried banana and crisp green apple. Finish: Sweet and lingering.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Green-golden. Aroma: Hints of green melons, tea, lychee, lemon grass, citrus and a host of other herbs. Palate: Fruits,almonds, vanilla and syrup. Finish: Pleasant, sweet and mild.