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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Bright gold. Aroma: Vanilla, cut flowers, toasty note, sweet and creamy, with fresh citrus, lemon cheesecake, fresh cereal, grist and a nutty note. Palate: Lemon cheesecake, fruity, calvados and freesias. Finish: Medium, herbal and dry.



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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Rich golden bronze. Nose: Blackcurrant, brown sugar, orange, plum and raisin. Palate: Fruit and syrup. Hazelnut with hints of cinnamon and lemon. A butterscotch sweetness adds to the overall complexity. Finish: Fresh and fruity, with long lasting oaky sweetness.

  • TASTING NOTES: Colour: Deep golden summer barley. Nose: Fresh tobacco leaf - then sweet with a hint of caramelised sugars, green tea and toasted almonds. Palate: A floral freshness with sweet barley sugar at first - this gently ebbs to reveal a tangerine zestiness. The palate is left alive and refreshed. Finish: A long, lingering and well balanced dram…

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    TASTING NOTES: Colour: Bright copper. Nose: Ripe gooseberry notes together with sweet vanilla and oak, combines with a freshly cut barley flavour. Palate: Light chocolate and soft green fruit, with a twist of old oak and honey. Finish: A long and lasting finish, demonstrating real depth of character.

  • TASTING NOTES:  Colour: Golden honey. Nose: Creme brulee, a burst of citrus and the signature nuttiness and green leafiness of Auchentoshan. Palate: Smooth and sweet with hints of tangerine and lime. Finish: Gingery and slightly drying, with a pleasant lingering nuttiness.