BENRIACH 16 Year Old

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  • Colour: Mid-amber, hints of gold.
  • Aroma: Honey, vanilla, floral, fruity with well balanced wood overtones.
  • Palate: Rounded medium to full bodied, rich honey, vanilla with hints of cream, spices, toffee and apples.
  • Finish: long and gentle.
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Benriach 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky



Located in the Heart of Speyside, in the North-East region of Morayshire. In addition, BenRiach displays all the traditional charm of a Speyside distillery.

John Duff built it in 1898, BenRiach draws its water from the Burnside springs located underground, deep below the distillery. BenRiach started producing malt whisky back in 1898. However, the distillery was a victim of unfortunate timing. In addition, BenRiach was operational for just two years before the Pattison crash, in 1900. However, it resulted in a period of hardship for the entire whisky industry. Moreover, the resultant closure of many distilleries. So, after just a couple of years of distillation, the stills at BenRiach fell silent. Moverover, it remained so for sixty five long years. However, under normal circumstances, this would be the end for the distillery. This is due to the buildings would be demolished.

However, next to BenRiach lay its sister distillery, Longmorn, which had enjoyed sporadic periods of production during BenRiach’s lengthy hiatus. The whisky makers at Longmorn continued to source some of their malted barley from the floor maltings at BenRiach. It is which remained operational, and it was this alone that kept BenRiach alive during those “mothballed” years. Then, in 1965, the Scotch whisky industry entered a golden era. However, new distilleries were commissioned and mothballed and distilleries re-opened, including BenRiach. Production re-commenced immediately.


Fast-forward to 2004, and the beginning of the most exciting period in BenRiach’s history. It was in April of that year that BenRiach became independent. IBilly Walker, Wayne Kieswetter and Geoff Bell purchased it. Upon acquiring the distillery, they inherited an inventory of almost uninterrupted stock, with the oldest casks dating back till 1965. The vision was to establish The BenRiach as a premium, high-quality Speyside malt. The independent ownership allows the distillery to experiment with several interesting wood finishes. Moreover, it continues to produce whisky from both peated and non-peated malted barley. The BenRiach portrays its own uniqueness. It goes through the particular methods and skills of the men. They craft the whisky, the ingredients used, the distinctive copper stills and the high quality casks selected for maturation.


The story of BenRiach is typical of the great Speyside distilleries. They built it in 1898. The distillery sited amongst the rolling barley fields that rise to the foothills of the Grampian Mountains. We use barley which grow around the distillery. Moreover, same goes to the water and the still. We draw them through the rock that lies deep below the distillery. The barley, harvested from the fields surrounding the distillery. It might spread across the floors of the malting loft to germinate. Peat, cut from the hills, fired the kiln and produced the heat required to control the germination process. Moreover, the distinctive peat scented smoke would be seen curling upwards from the malting chimneys throughout the year.

The distillery manager would oversee the slow and deliberate crafting process of The BenRiach whisky. He manages the transformation from malted barley to wash, to distilled spirit and into high quality oak casks. As well as in which the whisky would then mature. This was the beginning of the The BenRiach story.


Deep in the musty darkness of the large traditional warehouses at the BenRiach Distillery. It row upon row of the finest oak casks rest slowly maturing. Moreover, it is awaiting the day to become the classic Speyside character that we have grown to cherish. Our uninterrupted inventory of exceptional Speyside Single Malt dates back as far 1965. We only fill the finest quality of spirit into each cask. We also ensure that only the best casks are selected to enhance the exceptional character of the whisky.

Our whisky, reflecting the skill, knowledge and experience that has gone into the making of The BenRiach. It is testimony to the many years stretching back to the 19th century during which the distillery built its reputation. Few distilleries in Scotland hold such a history and few today can have such an exciting future. 

Benriach 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This smooth single malt has an elegant full taste and aroma that captures FRUITY, FLORAL notes, with fascinating overtones of HONEY, VANILLA, SPICES, TOFFEE and APPLES.

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