Cafe Boheme Coffee Creme Liqueur

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The gourmet coffee comes from an impressive array of the world’s premiere coffee venues, the premium French vodka is distilled five times for the ultimate in taste, clarity, and smoothness, while the fresh, velvety creme hails from Holland.

Thanks to an exclusive toasting method, the Brazilian coffee bean keeps the flavour of a bean matured under the tropical sun. Smooth and round in mouth, consumers will be seduced by vanilla notes and a toasted finish. A surrounding label reminds you of the cigar ring through a coppery hot foil evocating the perfect combination of coffee with a fine cigar.

Tasting notes :

  • Color : Brown cream like a brown eggshell, on swirling leaves a even, somewhat thick coating on the glass.
  • Aroma : Overriding scent of black coffee in the opening inhalations; aeration releases additional aromas of cocoa                     butter, nuts and dark chocolate.
  • Taste : Sweet, creamy/oily mouth feel nicely balanced coffee, cream and vanilla then a lingering pleasant spicy                     taste. Only mild alcohol aftertaste, smooth and sweet.
  • Finish : creamy, lush, balanced and delicious.

Cafe Boheme Coffee Creme Liqueur

Cafe Boheme Coffee Creme Liqueur – A multinational blend of products make up this new créme (cream) liqueur. Coffee from various countries, créme from Holland, vodka from France


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