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  • Colour: Dark in shade with a warm amber glow.
  • Aroma: Fruity sweet with notes of ripe pears and melon, creamy toffee, milk chocolate, cinnamon and a hint of ginger.
  • Palate: Sweet ripe pears in syrup, vanilla caramel, cinnamon sweets and almonds in the background.
  • Finish: Very nice, long-lasting feel in the mouth.
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Chivas Regal Extra blended scotch whisky


Visionaries? Connoisseurs? Artisans? Entrepreneurs? Philanthropists? In fact, The Chivas Brothers were a fine blend of each, much like the whisky they pioneered. Moreover, the journey the brothers embarked upon back in the day doesn’t have a final destination. We are still on the journey today. Humble beginnings, but a landscape full of character and possibility. In addition, growing up on a remote Scottish farm, James and John Chivas were acutely aware that the world around them was changing and the idyllic backdrop they called home was no longer big enough to support their desire to make a difference.

Furthermore, following a three-day journey on foot, the brothers found themselves in Aberdeen. A city that perfectly matched their ambition. Finding gainful employment at an Aberdeen emporium James was quickly captivated by a whole new world of tastes, smells and exquisite flavours. Anything seemed possible and James quickly garnered a reputation for obtaining the unobtainable. If they didn’t stock it, they’d find it. If they couldn’t find it, they’d make it. When John joined the business Chivas Brothers was born.

Chivas Brothers LTD

The brothers’ eye for an astute business opportunity brought them hard earned success in Aberdeen and beyond, but for James & John, success always tasted better shared. However, they were generous with their time and their money, from financing a window in an Aberdeen church to James being honoured with a trusteeship of the Royal Infirmary. From the cellar beneath their emporium, the brothers began a tradition of ageing whiskies. As their clientele began demanding a smoother, richer whisky experience, they began to blend together these aged Scotch whiskies.  Humble early experiments developed to solidify their position as true pioneers in the art of blending.

Chivas Brothers

In fact, Chivas Brothers became famous for their fine luxury products with orders coming in from across the globe. In addition, James Chivas received his first Royal Warrant in 1843, serving Queen Victoria at her Balmoral countryside retreat. This Royal approval ensured that Chivas Brothers had the perfect foundation to realise their ambition.

Chivas taking New York

Fast forward to 1909, Master Blender Charles Howard and Alexander Smith create a 25-year-old blend that would become the world’s first luxury whisky. Pioneering and generously smooth, a perfect tribute to the Chivas Brothers’ legacy. Chivas Regal burst onto the world stage, enchanting New York on its way.

The Blend

Central to the ethos of the Chivas blend is ‘maintaining exceptional’. Moreover, each and every cask of whisky has a unique signature taste. The final character of the spirit is influenced by an almost infinite number of variables, many of those focused on the not-so-humble cask. In addition , the aged quality of oak used to construct the cask. The consistency of climate within the warehouse. The precise position within the warehouse where the cask ages. Taking control of these variables, embracing the nuances and crafting a consistently smooth whisky experience is much more than a mere process.


Perfecting the blend using only the very finest ingredients became the hallmark of every bottle that left the business. A hallmark that lives on today. “The art of the Master Blender in understanding the many different flavours in Scotch whisky is like the work of a composer: not only do you need to completely understand the musical characteristics of every instrument, but you must also understand how to combine them to build an unforgettable, spellbinding symphony.” There is no conflict when it comes to the ingredients in a Chivas blend. The symbiotic relationship between each and every whisky is essential. Balance is key. Control the ingredients. Consolidate the flavour.

Chivas Regal Extra blended scotch whisky

As the newest member to our family, Chivas Regal Extra will satisfy the desires of the discerning whisky drinker with something exceptional – deep in aroma, rich in fruitiness and generous in sweetness.

It’s created with an exceptional blend of rare whiskies combined with malt whiskies aged in sherry casks from the Oloroso sherry bodegas in Spain.

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