Eristoff Vodka

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Eristoff vodka was first produced in the Russian empire in the nineteenth century and is named after the noble Eristhavi family, who created the original recipe in 1806. The Eristhavi family ruled the wild and rugged province called ‘Virshan’ meaning the Land of the Wolf and the iconic wolf still features as a symbol of this heritage on the bell-shaped bottle. The distinctive Eristoff bottle is embossed with the imperial crown, Prince Eristoff’s signature and around its base, written in Russian Cyrillic characters, are the words ‘Original Recipe of 1806’.

Eristoff vodka is made from 100% pure grain, containing just the right level of moisture. The spirit is distilled in a three-step process using demineralised water and finally charcoal filtered, to ensure absolute purity and an exceptionally smooth taste.

Eristoff has received many prestigious international awards for its great taste, achieving Gold Medals in the International Spirits Challenge (2013), the Vodka Masters (2013) and the Beverage Testing Institute’s International Review of Spirits Competition (2013), for the second consecutive year. Today Eristoff is one of the fastest-growing vodka brands in the world, with a significant international presence. Eristoff is proud to be acknowledged as the 15th largest international vodka brand* and is available in 59 countries worldwide.

Tasting notes :

  • Color : Crystal Clear
  • Nose : There is a faint whiff of vanilla bubblegu, toast and black pepper on the otherwise neutral nose.
  • Mouth : Slightly sweet toasty bread and aniseed but with little real character, although, equally, there is nothing actually unpleasant on what is a very clean, highly rectified spirit.
  • Finish : The minimum alcohol strength and the gimmicky marketing often associated with Eristoff is a measure of the market Eristoff is aimed at.

Eristoff Vodka

Eristoff Vodka is produced in France from neutral spirit and benefits from charcoal filtration. It enjoys volume sales in Mainland Europe where it is positioned as a ‘standard’ vodka.

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