FLIRT Coolmint

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When the pure and natural Flirt Vodka is refreshed with the frosty mint scent, the result is Cool Mint. One of the first Flirt Vodka flavours, it’s a long standing summer cocktail favourite. Did you know name “minthe” originates from Greek mythology. According to the legend, Hades’s wife Persephone turned river’s nymph Minthe into herbaceous plant after she discovered that Hades is in love with her. Since Hades couldn’t reverse the spell., he added beautiful smell to a newly created plant. That way, thanks to Hades, mint spreads magnificent odor when people walk across her.

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Flirt Coolmint Vodka

In fact, Flirt is not just a vodka, it’s an ultimate experience. Furthermore, Flirt vodka is the outcome of an initial desire to create exclusive vodka brand which can offer not only high quality but an ultimate vodka experience.

In addition, Flirt vodka represents the stubborn, eager, free spirit of the young generation. It’s exquisite nature drives trough limits and cultural dogmas. Moreover, Flirt Vodka was born by the fusion of two words- new and old, tradition and modernity, east and west. However, it is the perfect combination between quality distillate in an unique bottle shape and urban culture inspiration.

Flirt Coolmint Vodka


In fact, we use only selected grain of the highest quality for the production of FLIRT VODKA. We subject the grains for milling process to get the best out of them.

The Production Process

Hot water and enzymes. To the milled grain we add hot water and enzymes. Followed by that, the high temperature activated the enzymes. As a result, they convert carbohydrates into simple sugars.


The resulting substrate is ready to move to the stage of fermentation. It is a long and complex process. The sugars transformed into pure alcohol. During the fermentation, a constant temperature is maintained continuously. Distilled and rectified One of the most delicate operations then follows: the process of separating alcohol from non-volatile additives. This is carried out in powerful columns with continuous multi-stage vaporization.


The alcohol content of this perfectly pure distillate must maintain at the optimal level. In fact, for Flirt Vodka, we maintain the abv at 37.5% by blending with the addition of water from protected sources. A top quality vodka is a well-filtered vodka. Reduced to 37.5% ABV, it passes though a filter of silver ions so that the flavour is finessed with the depth and volume characteristics of Flirt Vodka.


Bottling is the last stage of the Flirt Vodka production process resulting in a final product in its purest form.

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